Sunday, March 29, 2009

Beaufort Twilight Run

My husband and I and one of his friends from work, Logan, were hired by the company fast track photography to photograph the first annual Beaufort Twilight Run. It was an 8k race with a child's race 30 minutes prior. It was a beautiful day for a race and hundreds of people came out to participate. My favorite racers were those pushing strollers, some double was quite impressive! My favorite part of the race was the beginning when I got to go up on a lift to shoot aerial shots. This lift was made from plywood and not very sturdy. The man who was running the machinery to lift me over the crowd warned me, not to lean on the railing because it was homemade and not too sturdy...haha, quite the adventure! After the race there was a feast of hot dogs, grilled chicken and roasted oysters, it was a party.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

good things come in small packages...

My bro and his fiance, Nicole are one stinkin' cute couple! They're getting married in April and I was able to take their engagement photos before I left Texas in October. There were so many great shots, I wanted to upload more, but I stopped myself. They're just so photogenic it was hard to chose. The happy couple actually met through church/work. My brother and I worked together at the church we attended in Texas and when it came time for me to get married and move away we had to find someone to replace me. That's when Nicole walked into his life, she was hired to take my job, ironic...but true! I can't imagine anyone more suited for my bro, she's perfect for him! Congrats to the happy couple and I'll see you soon.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

one hot baby mama!

This set was actually taken recently. My friend Darla and her husband Jeff are pregnant with their first child. I was able to stop by their house and take these pictures at a park in their neighborhood when I was in Texas last month. Isn't she gorgeous?! Look at that adorable baby bump! Also, they are waiting to find out the sex of the baby until he/she is born...awwww! So the baby is affectionally named, baby batman, but they'll have to tell you why...haha!

yes, we're dorks...

...but we're ok with it! My husband and I did actually take our own engagement pictures, but before you get smart about it, think about the money we save.....that's right! We took our photos at the place where I was house sitting before I got married, yes, I lived in paradise, aka: the Nicholson residence before I married...haha! It was beautiful and I can't thank the Nicholsons enough for letting me stay there. As you can tell we had a blast. Love this man!

beautiful blessing

Meet Katherine! She's a beautiful little girl adopted by the youth minister and his wife (Jimmy & Shonda) at my former church. Katherine is a such a blessing to her family, they fought for 2 years to be able to bring her home from Guatemala. I don't think I've ever laughed as hard in a photo session as I did with this little handful. She's always in total control and she's not afraid to be the boss, she is one little princess. Love this girl and miss her and her family so much!

we are FAMILY!

...all my brothers, sisters and me (I think that's how it goes...haha)! That's right, I had the privilege of taking photos for my sister-in-law Alison and her husband Chris. Engagement pics with these two were hilarious, very entertaining couple and they bought my breakfast at Chick-fil-a and then ice cream after the gig was over. You can't beat that! They were married at their church's outdoor ceremony area at First Baptist Allen (they were actually the first wedding held there). It was a short but very sweet ceremony followed by a beautiful reception in McKinney. Thanks for letting me be apart of your special day!